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    Heart Hero -Elijah Vermillion

    A 20 week ultrasound showed a possible heart defect which was confirmed by a pediatric cardiologist at 28 weeks.  Our little man, Elijah, would be born with an interrupted aortic arch, a VSD, an ASD, and an irregular aortic valve.  He was born at 39 weeks and spent a week

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    2016 Superhero Heart Run Ambassador – Cooper Leeman

    Cooper was normal healthy 14 month old boy when we started to notice a change in his breathing. He was getting more winded with activity and grunting. After having him evaluated by his pediatrician and originally thinking it was a viral illness the pieces started to not fit. They did

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  • Heart Hero -Cayden McGhee

    Our heart journey began when I was about 22 weeks pregnant at a routine ultrasound that showed some abnormalities with our baby’s heart and diaphragm. We were crushed. We knew we wanted to give our baby a chance and the cardiologist we were working with was on the phone getting

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    2015 Superhero Heart Run Ambassador- Leah Flannery

      Leah Flannery, age 6 (7 on 9/22/15) Ames, Iowa written by her mom, Jodi Flannery Almost seven years ago, Leah was born with complex congenital heart disease that required immediate medical attention upon her first breath. At a routine ultrasound during our third pregnancy, a deathly low heart rate

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    Heart Hero – Sydnie Van De Kieft

    There is a scar that runs down the center of my daughter’s chest. It isn’t ugly, in-fact, it is quite beautiful. A Badge of Honor, inscribed in her chest, with a knife, as Sydnie grows older we will explain to her that the bible says; although the world is evil

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