What We Do

  • Provide meals for families on surgery day.
  • To request a cath/surgery meal, please fill out this and we will be in contact with you.
  • Gifts for heart kiddos and families during hospital stays
  • Gift cards for food and gas
  • Payment for lodging or their stay at the Ronald McDonald House
  • Special visits to families in the hospital (many times bearing gifts)
  • Monthly support group meetings
  • Special events including: Mom’s Night Out, Valentine’s Day, Iowa Wolves Game, Christmas party, and other family oriented events

Families Eligible for Financial Assistance

  • No financial requirements
  • Generally referred by nurses & social workers at the hospital, but can be referred by friends or family
  • Eligible after child has exceeded a 2 week hospitalization
  • Provides $100/week or $400/month
  • Provided assistance to over 400 different Iowa families since inception

To refer a family for assistance click here

If you would like to request a meal for a cath/surgery, please fill out the form below.