30 Days of Thanks ~ Justice Corps of Iowa

During the month of November, Help-A-Heart will be putting the spotlight on various ways people support and donate to our organization throughout the year.  Obviously, attending one of our annual fundraisers–the Celebration of Life Dinner & Silent Auction in June & the Superhero Heart Run in October–are two big ways you can further our cause!  We also receive several cash donations online through our website or mailed to us throughout the year.  However, we are humbled & encouraged by the unique ways some of our heart families & their friends choose to support us & wanted to make sure they know how much we appreciate these special gestures.  We’ll be posting a few ideas a week as a part of our 30 Days of Thanks!

Co-Founder-Emily Graber, Jeremy Lester (Clark Kent/Superman), & Support Group Leader-Wendy Meyer

Justice Corps of Iowa has been a faithful supporter of Help-A-Heart since the beginning of the Superhero Heart Run in 2014.  Various superheroes have come to both of our annual fundraisers for photo ops.  The Justice Corps of Iowa is a collective group of super hero and villain performers.  Their mission is to “inspire smiles, while lifting hearts.”  They have volunteered their time selflessly to bring smiles to many of our heart heroes & their families.  In February of 2018, Jeremy Lester came to our Support Group meeting to present us with a check for $284.  At the Cedar Rapids Comic Con earlier that month, the group sold autographed pictures for $1 each & then choose an organization to donate the funds to.  Help-A-Heart has been blessed by the presence of the super hero & villains at our events as well as the financial support they have shown to us.  Thanks to the Justice Corps of Iowa for the impact they are making on the world!

You can find the Justice Corps of Iowa on Facebook or at their website, http://www.justicecorpsofiowa.com/




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