Dear Me Blog Series: Michelle Pfantz

Dear Me-

Though Your Heart Breaks, Noah Will Forever Keep It Whole, The one thing you KNEW you wanted to be when you grew up was a mom, seven years down the road it is the only thing you KNOW you’re meant to do. Noah’s miraculous deformed heart will grow you as a Christian and person more than anything else in life. The darkest two times in your life will be not knowing what was wrong with your baby’s heart from 18 weeks until he was one day old and the month leading up to his unexpected heart surgery when he is three. There are simply no words to describe the fear of the unknown when it comes to the health and life of your child. However, rest easy because God gave you this miracle in the form of Noah Brant with more miracles tucked in those big, brown eyes. For a little boy with three congenital heart defects, he’s going to have a medical team and lots of prayers repair two of the three defects when he’s three years old. You’re going to look at that little boy under his TMNT blanket, drawing on his heart pillow, and walking down the hospital hallway for a popsicle without tears after open-heart surgery and ask yourself how you got so lucky to be his mom. You have been given a gift of perspective that will change your entire life for the better, you just wish it didn’t have to be at the expense of your son’s heart. You are a worrier by nature, and Noah’s heart will be no exception- but a heart that genuinely perfect deserves a mom to always be thinking of it. Noah’s health challenges will teach you how hard life can be, but also how worth it the challenges are as you wrap your arms around that precious little boy. Take heart, God has equipped Noah with an innate sense of strength and courage. He will always seem older than he actually is, perhaps its because he’s fought battles many people ten times his age have yet to take on. Nevertheless, this intelligent, inquisitive, brave little boy has a heart for God and the heart of a warrior. He will continue to amaze you with the miracles he’s made of, the rest of his life. The thing that will haunt you most about Noah’s heart is LVNC is a genetic mutation passed down from you. Even though you couldn’t stop the gene you didn’t even know you had until Noah came along, you will forever carry immense guilt it’s your fault. If that isn’t difficult enough, as you go through the woes of the same CHD you will feel as though you’re looking in a crystal ball to Noah’s heart’s future. CHDs are hard because of the unknown, but for the same reason they will make you strong. You and your heart warrior are so much stronger than you realize. Thank God everyday, for you have been given the most perfect, little heart to love trabeculations and all.

Guest Blog Post Written by Michelle Pfantz.  Michelle is blessed beyond measure. Her greatest blessings are her husband, (Brant), daughter (Zadie), and heart warrior (Noah). Noah was born with a ventricular septal defect, pulmonary anomolous vein, and left ventricular noncompaction. Noah is her angel on earth, as his diagnosis led to Michelle’s diagnosis of left ventricular noncompaction and an ICD/pacemaker being implanted months after he was born. Noah’s diagnosis showed Michelle how very blessed she is and ignited a passion for cardiovascular medical advancement and her faith in God.

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