Heart Hero -Elijah Vermillion

A 20 week ultrasound showed a possible heart defect which was confirmed by a pediatric cardiologist at 28 weeks.  Our little man, Elijah, would be born with an interrupted aortic arch, a VSD, an ASD, and an irregular aortic valve.  He was born at 39 weeks and spent a week in the NICU before his first open heart surgery.  This surgery corrected his interrupted aortic arch, VSD, and ASD.  He was a fighter from the beginning and pulled through remarkably well with just three more weeks in the PICU after surgery.  His vocal cord nerve was damaged during the surgery (a possible side effect as it needs to be moved out of the way for this heart repair) and this lead to a very difficult year of feeding for Elijah as one of his vocal cords was completely paralyzed open.  His heart healed amazingly, but aspiration while feeding and the inabi